Pillars of Islam - Books on Zakat

Allaah the Most High says:

“Spend from what we have provided you before death approaches one of you and he says, ‘My Lord, if only you would delay me for a brief term so I would give charity and be among the righteous.’” Qur’aan 63:10

Charity (Zakāt), is the practice of charitable giving by Muslims based on accumulated wealth, and is obligatory for all who are able to do so. It is considered to be a personal responsibility for Muslims to ease economic hardship for other Muslims and eliminate inequality for followers of Islaam.

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    • Fatawa Regarding Fasting and Zakah
    • Fatawa Regarding Fasting...

      215 Fatwa on Fasting and Zakat, legal rulings and articles...

      215 Fatwa on Fasting and Zakat, legal rulings and articles of guidance by the folowing scholars Shaykh Abdul-Azeez bin Abdullaah ibn Baz Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih al-Uthaymeen Shaykh Abdullaah bin Abdur-Rahman al-Jibreen Along with the Permanent Comittee and the decisions of the Fiqh Council

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    • Zakah According to the Quran & Sunnah
    • Zakah According to...

      Zakah, the third Pillar of Islam, is probably the first...

      Zakah, the third Pillar of Islam, is probably the first Pillar of its economic system. It represents the first and most important mechanism to implement economic justice and to provide sustenance to the economically unfortunate, two issues for which Islam is especially sensitive. These two issues are the essence of this book. This book consists of all the main issues of Zakat (i-e, Zakah on Gold, Silver, Paper Money, Livestock, Fruits, Grains, Rented Land, Buried treasures, Minerals, Trade, Shares, Stocks, Exploited Assets etc). The main objective of this work is to serve an easy and authentic reference to the reader. Also available in Five Pillar Knowledge Pack